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About Us
About Us
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This is About Page.

About Us

Our approach
All of our projects are of a quality that will put a smile on the face of the investors, and they provide profit in any case.
In our country, where the pool and spa market is very active, it is the most preferred reason to bring income to the investor or user.
Along with this, we have adopted the principle of prioritizing the safety, health and happiness of the human factor in the light of social values.
We will continue our services uninterruptedly in order to be in every field that will make you happy.

Company Profile

Savas Group aims to be a leading, strong, respected, world-class company that makes a difference, with the right projects. While aiming to earn and win, it has also adopted the principle of ethics and reliability. In addition to Turkey, we carry out many project development activities abroad, and Savas Group aims to create projects that have values, respect nature, and contribute to global architecture. Customer rights and satisfaction are our priority.


The aim of Savas Group is to renew and develop itself in every sector in which it operates. In line with this purpose, to adopt innovation as a principle in the sectors in which it operates and to keep the understanding of quality at a high level. our aim in the Pool and Spa sector, which is its main field of our activity, is create new eras instead of follow the innovations of the era.


With our innovative identity in the swimming pool sector, our mission is to be a preferred global brand with all its products, quality of service and competitive position.

Our Goals

The goal of Çilek Havuz is to consolidate its place in the changing and growing global order. It is to shed light on the sector both in terms of business strategy and with new projects that have been or will be made. It is one of its main goals to meet the needs of the customers on time and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by preparing projects that are worthy of its brand and reliability in the sector.

The basic philosophy of our group

is to be pioneers in the developing world in everything we do and to maintain the satisfaction of our customers and employees at the highest level. To develop and implement environmentally conscious projects.



Honesty and Fair Treatment Honesty and Fair Treatment
Customer happiness Customer happiness
Respect for the Individual Respect for the Individual
innovation innovation
How did we start?

Çilek Havuz, established in Istanbul in 1993 by Serdar Savaş, is a FAMILY company. Rejecting hierarchical work systems from management to employees, Çilek Havuz considers each employee as a member of the family. Today, it is a brand that actively exports to 22 countries, has branches in 4 countries, and aims to shape the swimming pool construction industry worldwide.

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