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How long does it take to build an Infinity Pool?

The construction of an Infinity Pool can vary depending on its size and design, but typically takes between 4 to 6 months.

How much budget is needed to build an Infinity Pool?

The budget required to build an Infinity Pool can vary depending on its size, design, materials, and location.

How does an infinity pool work?

An infinity pool has a special design that defines the edge of the water. There is a pit or tank located on one side of the pool that constantly stores the water in the pool. The water in this tank is redirected back to an overflow channel on the top of the pool through a pump system. The edges of this channel are designed to rise up to the surface of the water in the pool, so when the water flows from the channel, it creates the appearance of an endless pool when viewed from the outside.

What materials are used in constructing an infinity pool?

In constructing an infinity pool, durable materials such as concrete, glass, steel, and fiberglass are used. Glass or acrylic is typically used for the overflow channel along the edge of the pool.

How to maintain an infinity pool?

The maintenance of an infinity pool is similar to the maintenance of other pools. The water level, pH level, and chlorine level should be regularly monitored. Additionally, the water in the pool should be filtered and cleaned. The LED lights in the pool should also be regularly checked and replaced.

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