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What are the main differences between a steam room and a sauna?

The steam room provides a higher humidity level (close to 100%) and lower temperature (40-50°C), hence there is steam inside. The sauna, on the other hand, offers dry heat and higher temperature (70-100°C). Steam rooms are typically covered with water-resistant materials like ceramic or marble, while saunas commonly use wooden materials.

What are the costs of building a steam room and what are the factors that affect them?

The costs of building a steam room vary depending on factors such as the size of the room, materials used, equipment, labor, and additional features. At Çilek Havuz, we evaluate the best options for your project based on your budget.

What are the most suitable materials used in the construction of a steam room?

The most suitable materials used in the construction of a steam room are those that are resistant to humidity and temperature changes. Water-resistant materials such as ceramic, marble, granite, and glass mosaic are commonly used in steam rooms.

How should the ventilation be in a steam room?

Ventilation in a steam room is important to maintain air quality inside the room and ensure energy efficiency. There should be separate vents for fresh air intake and exhaust of used air. Additionally, adequate airflow should be provided to ensure the proper functioning of the steam generator.

How long does the construction process of a steam room take?

The construction process of a steam room can vary depending on the size of the room, the materials used, the available space conditions, and the labor durations. On average, it can take 2-4 weeks to build a steam room.

What is the ideal temperature and humidity level for a steam room

The ideal temperature for a steam room is between 40-50°C, and the humidity level should be close to 100%. These values should be considered to provide relaxation and health benefits.

What are the necessary electrical installations and energy requirements for a steam room?

The necessary electrical installations for a steam room depend on the capacity of the steam generator. Typically, a 220V or 380V electrical connection is required. Separate circuits should be installed for the steam generator and lighting. The energy requirements vary based on the size of the steam room and frequency of use. To ensure energy efficiency, proper insulation and ventilation systems should be employed.

How should steam room maintenance and cleaning be done?

Steam room maintenance and cleaning depend on usage frequency and the materials of the room. Surfaces should be regularly wiped with a damp cloth using appropriate cleaners. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the steam generator are also important. Additionally, proper ventilation and humidity control in the steam room are necessary.

Which types of steam generators are used in steam room construction?

Electric steam generators are used in the construction of steam rooms. These generators heat water to produce steam, which is then directed into the steam room. The capacity of steam generators varies depending on the size of the steam room and the frequency of use.

What are the features and importance of a steam room door?

The steam room door should be made of special materials that can withstand temperature and humidity changes. Typically, these doors use tempered glass and aluminum frames. The features of a steam room door are important in enhancing energy efficiency and safety in the room. Additionally, special seals should be used to provide a tight seal for the door.

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