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Aqua Park Construction

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AquaPark Construction


Aquapark Design

How Does the Aquapark Design and Planning Process Begin?

The aquapark design and planning process at Çilek Havuz is a customized process that shapes according to our customers' needs and preferences. The aquapark design and planning process generally consists of several steps :

Selection of the Site

The Importance of Site Selection

The area where the aquapark will be constructed should be easily accessible to visitors and of sufficient size.

Additionally, the chosen area for the aquapark should be close to water sources, roads, and other means of access.

Determining Needs

Process of Determining Needs


The design of the aqua park should be based on the needs of the visitors.

The number of visitors, age range, their requirements, types of water slides, pools, and other activities should be determined.


Planning Process

After the selection of the area where the aqua park will be constructed, the planning process begins.

The design of the aqua park, including safety measures, positioning, environmental considerations, and other details, is determined.


Design Process


Aqua park design is crucial for ensuring visitors' enjoyment and a pleasant experience.

In the design process, factors such as appropriate colors, themes, water slides, pool types, seating areas, and dining facilities should be taken into consideration.

Engineering and Construction

Engineering and Construction Process

After the aqua park design is completed, our specialized team starts working to bring the design to life.

The installation of water slides, pools, and other equipment, as well as the setup of electrical, plumbing, and other systems, is carried out.

Test and Approval

Testing and Approval Process


After the completion of the construction of the aqua park, all systems are tested.

Other elements such as safety, water quality, water slides, and other equipment are examined to ensure proper functioning.

Once the necessary approvals are obtained, the aqua park is opened to visitors.

Aquapark Systems

What are the Systems Found in Aquaparks?

The systems found in aquaparks are essential for the proper functioning of the park. At Çilek Havuz, all the systems used are of the latest technology and highest quality.

Emergency System

What is The Emergency System?

Aquaparks should be prepared for emergency situations.

They have fire suppression systems, emergency exits, and other emergency systems in place.

Water Plumbing

What is Water Plumbing?

Water plumbing is one of the most important systems in aquaparks.

It provides water supply to the pools and water slides.

Additionally, the water plumbing is connected to the systems used for cleaning the pools and filtering the water.

Ventilation System

Benefits of Ventilation System


The ventilation system in aquaparks helps control the indoor temperature and assists in maintaining balanced humidity levels.

The ventilation system constantly refreshes the air to ensure visitor comfort and cleanliness.

Pool Filtration System

What is a Pool Filtration System?


The filtration of pools in aquaparks is necessary to maintain clean and hygienic water. It takes water from the pools, removes impurities, and returns the water back to the pools.

Electrical System

Importance of Electrical System

Many of the systems inside aquaparks operate on electricity. The electrical installation and safety system of the park are very important.

Water Slide Systems

What is a Water Slide System?

Water slide systems in aquaparks are important for ensuring visitors have a fun and enjoyable experience.

They control the water flow to enable safe sliding for visitors.

Aquapark Maintenance

How Should Aquapark Maintenance Be Done?

Aquapark maintenance is also regularly conducted by Çilek Havuz. The cleanliness of the pools is an important factor for hygiene. Maintenance of the slides is necessary for the safety of the entertainment areas. Otherwise, it may lead to safety issues.

Testing Water Quality

It is necessary to carefully test the water quality.

It is necessary to regularly test the water quality in aquaparks.

These tests include measuring pH levels, chlorine levels, alkalinity, and other factors. The tests ensure that the pools have clean and healthy water.

Cleaning Water Slides and Pools


Regular cleaning of water slides and pools is crucial for maintaining water quality. Cleaning the surfaces of pools and water slides helps eliminate dirty and contaminated water.

Cleaning of Pool Filtration Systems

Cleaning Process of Filtration Systems


The pool filtration systems in aquaparks are extremely important for the cleaning of water.

Regular cleaning of the filters ensures the removal of impurities and bacteria.

Cleaning of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems

Cleaning Process of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems



The ventilation and air conditioning systems inside aquaparks are extremely important for ensuring visitor comfort.

Cleaning these systems helps maintain a hygienic environment.

Control of Electrical Systems

Is it necessary to conduct inspections of electrical systems?

Many of the systems inside aquaparks operate on electricity.

It is necessary to check the electrical installations and security systems of the park.

Inspection of Water Slides and Other Equipment

Is it important to inspect Water Slides and Other Equipment?

The water slides and other equipment inside aquaparks should be regularly inspected to ensure they are functioning properly and can be used safely by visitors.

Types of Aquapark Slides

What is the Types of Aquapark Slides?

At Çilek Havuz, we encounter various types of slides in the aquaparks we construct. Some of these include:

Open Slide (Open Spiral Slide)- Tube Slide (Enclosed Spiral Slide)- Super Slide (Mat Slide)- Multi Slide (Multi-Lane Slide)
Compact Slide (Self-Closing Slide)- Tube Kamikaze (Enclosed Straight Slide)- Kamikaze Slide- Freefall Slide- Extreme Slides- Racer Slides- Boat Slides- Wave Pool- Children's Slides

These are just a few examples of the many types of slides used in aquaparks. Here are some other slide models we offer:

Wave Pool Slides

What is Wave Pool Slides?

Wave Pool Slides involve a special wave pool that is combined with rising waves from one side of the pool.

Tube Slides

What is a tube slide?

Tüp Kaydırakları tek veya çift tüp şeklinde olabilir ve genellikle bükülmüş veya dönüşlüdür.

Tower Slides

What is a Tower Slide?

Tower slides are located on elevated towers outside the pool and can have various heights and shapes.

Adventure Slides

What is the Adventure Slide?

Adventure slides can feature more interesting shapes, curves, twists, and bends compared to other slides.

Water Slides

Water Slide

Water slides are generally designed for children and have a straight or gently sloping, short, and simple shape.

Drip Slides

What is the Drip Slides?

Drip Slides have a special upper section where water is created to drip slowly, and it provides fun as the water flows down the slide.

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