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About Water Fountain Construction


We Decorate Your Dreams at Çilek Havuz

In Çilek Havuz, each project is carried out by professional hands, touching your dreams with designs that change your perspective.

how we do that?

Each of the swimming pools, which reflects the simple and elegant appearance, is executed by the water systems that jump from the dancing fountains.

We offer all water fountains to serve you with high quality materials. we combine quality and design so we could build perfect swimming pools that you can enjoy.

We always follow the innovation. In line with our vision, we aim far beyond, exploring new paths and new adventures!

Steps of Water Fountain Construction


Ornamental Pool Design and Planning

How Does the Pool Design and Planning Process Begin?

The design and planning process for ornamental pools at Çilek Havuz consists of a series of steps.

Idea Development

Idea Development Process


The design process of an ornamental pool begins with idea development.

During this stage, design features such as the size, shape, style, and location of the pool are determined.

Additionally, factors such as the purpose, features, and usage areas of the pool are taken into consideration.

Site Inspection

Site Inspection Process


After determining the design specifications, a site inspection is conducted at the location where the pool will be constructed.

During this inspection, factors such as terrain structure, soil conditions, groundwater level, sunlight, and wind conditions are evaluated.


Design Process


Once the idea development and site analysis are completed, a design plan is prepared.

The design plan contains detailed information about the dimensions, shape, location, materials, landscaping, and other features of the pool.

Cost Estimate

Cost Calculation

After the design plan is completed, a cost calculation is made.

This includes the necessary materials, labor, equipment, and other expenses for the construction of the pool.

Permits and Approvals

Permit and Approval Process

For the construction of a decorative fountain, necessary permits and approvals are obtained.

This is required to ensure compliance with local regulations and to legally carry out the construction.


Construction Process


The construction process begins after the design plan and cost estimate have been approved.

The necessary materials, equipment, and labor are provided for the construction of the pool.

During the construction process, the pool is built according to the design plan.

Finishing Construction of the Ornamental Pool

How Does the Finishing Construction of the Ornamental Pool Begin?


At Çilek Havuz, we strive to provide our customers with the best in ornamental pool construction. We carefully plan every detail, use high-quality materials, and our expert teams execute the project with meticulous precision. Our goal is to always deliver excellence to our customers.

Depth in Ornamental Pools

What Should be the Suitable Depth for Ornamental Pools?

The depth of an ornamental pool can vary depending on its usage.

Generally, it is recommended to be between 60-90 cm.

There are several reasons for this:

Design Planning

Design Planning Process

In the first stage, we develop a design plan to determine factors such as the size, shape, depth, and material of the pool. During this process, we take into consideration the purpose of the pool and the area where it will be constructed.

Site Selection

Site Selection Process


The most suitable location should be chosen for constructing the decorative fountain.

Factors such as sunlight exposure, soil structure, water level, and availability of electricity and water sources should be taken into account during the site selection process.

Ground Preparation

Ground Preparation Process

The soil in the area where the pool will be constructed should be prepared for pool construction.

The soil should be leveled, rocks, roots, and other obstacles should be cleared, and it should be compacted.

Pool Excavation

How should excavation work be done?

A excavation should be done according to the shape and depth of the pool for construction purposes. During the excavation process, it is important to ensure that the pool's bottom is level.

Reinforced Concrete Works

Reinforced Concrete Process

Reinforced concrete works should be carried out for the pool floor, walls, and edges.
Reinforced concrete works are crucial for the durability and longevity of the pool.


Waterproofing Works

To ensure the pool does not leak, the interior surface should be coated with a waterproofing material.

Water Supply

What is Water Supply?


To fill the pool, a water source is needed. In order to maintain the water level consistently, a system connected to a water source should be installed.

Lighting and Decoration

What is Lighting and Decoration?


The lighting and decoration of the pool are essential elements for ornamental pools.

Therefore, the right lighting and decoration elements should be chosen for the pool.

Materials Used in Ornamental Pools

Materials Used in Ornamental Pools

As Çilek Havuz, we are a brand with a wide range of products in the field of ornamental pools. We have models and designs that can meet all of our customers' needs. We blend all these designs with top-quality materials and offer them to our customers.

Some of the materials we use include:


What is Concrete?

Concrete is essential for pool construction. It provides a strong and durable structure. Concrete pools offer customization options and a wide range of design choices.


What is Fiberglass?


Fiberglass is another popular material used in pools.

It provides a smooth surface and is easy to maintain.

It is important to note that fiberglass pools require less chemical usage compared to traditional concrete pools.

Natural Stone

What is Natural Stone?

Natural stone is used as a decorative material for ornamental pools.
It can be placed around or surrounding the pool, giving it a natural look.

Ceramic or Glass Mosaic

What is Ceramic or Glass Mosaic?



Ceramic or glass mosaic is a colorful decorative material used on the interior surfaces or edges of a pool.

It adds visual interest to the pool while also protecting its interior surface.

Waterproof Coating

What is Waterproof Coating?


Waterproof coating is a material used to cover the interior surface of the pool.

It can be used in concrete or fiberglass pools and provides the pool with water resistance.

These coatings come in various color and pattern options, giving the pool an aesthetic appearance.

Pool Linings

What are Pool Liners?

Pool linings are materials used on the exterior surfaces of a pool.

They are used to cover the surfaces of concrete, stone, or wooden pools.

Pool linings provide an aesthetic appearance to the pool surroundings and prevent slipping.

Decorative Fountain Models

What are the available Decorative Fountain Models at Çilek Havuz?

Formal Ornamental Pool

What is a Formal Ornamental Pool?

A formal ornamental pool is a decorative pool that incorporates geometric forms in its design.

It is designed with sharp lines, crisp edges, and flat surfaces to create a modern look and is often decorated with a minimalist approach.

Formal ornamental pools are combined with other geometric elements such as neatly trimmed lawns, walls, and other artificial structures.

Natural materials are generally not used in their design. Instead, materials such as steel, glass, concrete, fiberglass, and other modern materials are preferred.

Natural Ornamental Pool

What is The Natural Ornamental Pool?

A natural ornamental pool is a type of decorative pool that is designed to blend harmoniously with its natural surroundings.

It is created using natural materials and plants, and it aims to achieve a natural look, often featuring organic shapes instead of sharp lines or rigid forms.

It is constructed using natural materials such as rocks, stones, and wood.

Natural filtration systems are employed, and the water in the pool is naturally purified by plants and microorganisms.

It also incorporates a natural landscape design that includes various plant species and local flora.

Due to their design, natural ornamental pools can be constructed in various shapes and sizes.

Their size depends on the characteristics of the surrounding area and the needs of the owner.

Natural ornamental pools offer more customization options compared to regular pools and can provide a unique and distinctive look.

Semi-Natural Ornamental Pool

What is a Semi-Natural Ornamental Pool?

A semi-natural ornamental pool is a type of decorative pool that combines natural elements with man-made materials. It is designed to create a natural look while incorporating elements such as sharp lines, crisp forms, and other modern features.

It features a design that incorporates natural materials such as rocks, stones, wood, and plants, as well as materials like steel, glass, concrete, fiberglass, and other modern materials. These pools maintain water quality naturally using natural filtration systems.

Semi-natural pools combine the natural beauty offered by natural pools with the functionality provided by modern pools.

Fountain and Music System

What is Fountain and Music System?

In decorative pools, fountain and music systems play the most effective role.

Fountain System

What is the Fountain System?

It is a water jet system that allows the pool water to rise in the air.

These jets keep the pool water suspended in the air, giving it an aesthetic appearance.

Additionally, it enhances the oxygenation of the pool water and increases its circulation.

Music System

Music System and Entertainment

It provides the opportunity to listen to music with speakers placed around the pool.

It enhances the pool experience and helps users relax.

Additionally, it is frequently used for pool parties and events.

Both the fountain and music systems play an important role in enhancing the aesthetic and sensory experience of the water.

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