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Infinity Pool Construction

About Infinity Pool Consultancy


To Infinity

The feeling of reaching towards the horizon, endless happiness...

how we do that?

By using quality materials, listening well to our customers, learning new things from every project we do and working hard.

Our greatest pride as Çilek Havuz family is following the international standards in swimming pool construction.

We always follow the innovation. In line with our vision, we aim far beyond, exploring new paths and new adventures!

Steps of Building Infinity Pool


Infinity Pool Projecting

How Does the Infinity Pool Design and Project Process Begin?

At Çilek Pool, the pool design and project design process is shaped according to the needs and preferences of our customers.

The pool design and projecting process usually takes place in a few steps:

Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment Process



The process begins with identifying our customer's needs.

Expectations, purpose of use, pool size, material preferences, design, and project planning form the foundation of the process.

Site Selection

The Importance of Site Selection


Determining the location of the pool is also one of the most important stages.

Factors such as the position of the pool, duration of sunlight exposure, safety, and accessibility should be considered.

The surrounding landscape and other features should also be taken into account when designing the pool area.


Design Process


The design should be executed according to the customer's needs and suitable location selection.

The size, shape, depth, material selection, pool equipment, and other features of the pool are determined during the design stage.


Planning Process


The necessary projects for the construction of the pool are prepared by our experts.

These projects include a list of materials to be used in pool construction, construction details, placement of pool equipment, and all other technical details.


Construction Process


After the completion of the design process, the construction of the pool begins.

The construction process is carried out in accordance with the design and plans of the pool.

Infinity Pool Rough Construction

How Does Infinity Pool Rough Construction Begin?

As Çilek Pool family, one of the flag carriers of the sector in Pool Rough Construction,

we continue to do the best when it comes to construction. Our expert team in the field follows the construction process in detail from the beginning to the end, and ensures that we get out of this process without any errors and with the best efficiency.

Area Preparation

Area Preparation Process




The area where the pool will be constructed should be properly prepared before excavation.

The area needs to be cleaned, leveled, and undergo the necessary ground preparation.

Pool Excavation

Excavation Process


After the area is prepared, an excavation process is carried out according to the size of the pool.

This involves removing the surrounding soil and shaping the ground accordingly.

Drainage and Filling

Drainage and Filling Process



After the excavation process is completed, the drainage system for the pool is created.

It is important for controlling the water level in the pool and preventing flooding risks.

Then, a suitable flooring material is laid on the pool base and compacted.

Afterwards, connections are made to the water source required for filling the pool.

Construction of Pool Walls and Floor

The Construction Process of Walls and Floor


The walls and floor of the pool are constructed according to the size and design of the pool. The walls and floor are created around the pool.

Reinforcement and Concrete Casting

Reinforcement and Concrete Casting Process


After the completion of wall and floor construction, the reinforcement and concrete casting process begins.

It is crucial for the durability and strength of the pool.

The reinforcement for the walls and floor is done, followed by the pouring of concrete.

Completion of Construction

Rough Construction Ends, Fine Construction Begins


After the completion of concrete pouring, the entire structure of the pool is constructed. Once the rough construction is finished, the fine construction of the pool can be carried out.

Infinity Pool Fine Construction

What Is The Infinity Pool Fine Construction?

Infinity pool finishing takes place after the rough construction of the pool is complete. All equipment and details required for the use of the pool are added. The fine construction

phase is extremely important in completing the pool and getting it ready for use.

The fine construction of the infinity pool at Çilek Pool includes the following steps:

Electrical and Plumbing Systems

Electrical and Plumbing Systems Installation Process


The electrical and plumbing systems required for the operation of the pool are installed by the pool construction team. They are necessary for the functioning of water filtration systems, heaters, ventilation systems, and other equipment in the pool.

Coating Materials

Used Coating Materials



The interior surface of the pool is covered with coating materials based on the design and customer's preferences.

These materials can include ceramic, glass mosaic, tiles, vinyl, and concrete.


Decoration Process

Decorative elements are added around the pool.

These elements include the pool edge, stairs, lighting, landscaping, and furniture.

Filtration System

Installation of Filtration System


The filtration system of the pool is installed.

It is important for purifying the pool water and creating a healthy environment.

The Heater

What is the heater?

The pool heater is installed to control the water temperature and provide users with a comfortable swimming experience.

The Lighting

Lighting for Nighttime Use


The pool lighting is installed.

It is important for nighttime use of the pool and also provides an aesthetic appearance.

How should the Measures be?

What Should Infinity Pool Measures Be?

One of the important factors associated with the design and construction of infinity pools is the size of the pool. Depending on the area where the pool will be built, it is possible to construct an infinity pool with various designs and dimensions. In determining the dimensions of the infinity pool, the size and characteristics of the construction site should be taken into account primarily. First of all, the analysis of the region should be done in detail and the dimensions of the pool should be decided.

It is aimed to obtain a magnificent and spacious view in infinity pools. For this reason, designs with larger dimensions are generally preferred. Thanks to the design that makes the pool seem to merge with the landscape, the infinity pool looks bigger than it is. Infinity pools have flexibility in design as well as in size. Four-cornered designs are often preferred because they are relatively simple in design. In addition, we can see round or elliptical infinity pool designs, even more detailed and interesting designs.

How should the coatings be?

How should the coatings be in an infinity pool?

During the construction of an infinity pool, the type of coating used is crucial both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

The chosen coating should provide a non-slip surface upon contact with water to prevent accidents that may occur due to slipping. It is important to select a suitable coating for an infinity pool that ensures both safety and beauty. Preference should be given to coatings that help reduce the risk of slipping around the pool.

Functionally, the coating should be durable and resistant to wear and impact. It should withstand water and the chemicals used in the pool. The coating should also be able to withstand impacts both inside and outside the pool.

Infinity pools primarily aim to create a unique aesthetic atmosphere. Therefore, the selection of the coating plays a significant role in enhancing its visual appeal. Interesting patterns can be chosen for the coating, or inspiration can be drawn from natural designs. The design of the coating can be chosen based on the surrounding landscape of the pool. Careful consideration should be given to selecting a suitable coating for an infinity pool, taking into account durability, safety, and aesthetics.

Imaginative designs

We draw inspiration from all shades of nature in every design. We design swimming pools that suit you, your home and nature

As Çilek Havuz , our greatest motivation to receive positive feedback from the institutions we serve.

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