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Pond Pool Construction

About Pond Pool Construction


Green like you've never seen before

With unique designs and quality material, our pond pools feels like real lake from the nature.

how we do that?

As a Çilek Havuz company, we are always keen to leave a mark by designing pond pools in both modern and traditional ways. Live the full experience.

We combine the necessary perspectives with high-quality materials to build distinctive artificial pond pool.

We always follow the innovation. In line with our vision, we aim far beyond, exploring new paths and new adventures!

Pond Pool Construction Steps


Pond Pool Design

How Does the Pond Pool Design and Project Planning Process Start?

Pond pools with traditional and modern designs are one of the most important specialt of our company.

Pond and pool design and project planning process at Çilek Pool begins with the following steps:

Determining Needs

Why is Determining Needs Important?


Design starts by determining the need and purpose of the pool or pond.

The purposes of use can include swimming, water sports, decorative use, fish farming, etc.

Choice of Location

The Importance of Location Selection



The location where the pond or pool will be constructed needs to be carefully chosen. It is important to know the geographical features, landforms, soil structure, and water sources of the area where the pool will be built.

Design and Project Preparation

Design and Project Preparation Process

A suitable design is prepared based on the characteristics of the pond.

The suitability of the design is checked and the cost is determined.


Are Permissions Important?

Permits are obtained for the location where the pond or pool will be constructed.

Permits are prepared in accordance with local regulations and environmental standards.


Construction Process

After the design and project preparation, the construction of the Pond Pool begins.

The necessary materials are used according to the structure of the pond or pool, and construction methods in accordance with Çilek Havuz standards are applied.

Completion and Maintenance

Completion and Maintenance Process

When the pond or pool construction is completed, maintenance requirements and methods are determined.

Regular maintenance should be performed to prolong the lifespan of the pond or pool and preserve its condition.

Construction Step

What are the Pond Pool Construction Steps?

As Çilek Havuz family, one of the flag carriers of the sector in Pond Pool Construction, we continue to do the best when it comes to construction.

Prepare the Area

Construction Begins with the Preparation of the Area

After choosing a suitable area for the construction of the pool or the pond, the preparation of the area begins. At this stage, the land arrangement, The foundation is excavated and the ground is prepared.

Reinforced Concrete Works

How is Reinforced Concrete Works Done?

Reinforced concrete works are carried out for the construction of the walls and ceiling of the pond or pool. At this stage, steel reinforcements are placed and concrete is poured.


Covering Works

Coating works are applied to cover the inner surface of the pool or pond.

At this stage, ceramics, glass mosaic, natural stone or other materials can be used.

As Çilek Havuz, our recommendation is ceramic.

Water and Electric Installation

Water and Electric Installation Process

Water and electrical installations are very necessary to provide water circulation in the pond or pool, and to connect lighting, heating and other electrical equipment.


Landscape Arrangement

After the construction of the pond or pool is completed, landscaping is done around it.

The surroundings of the pond or pool are made more aesthetically pleasing by using plants, lawns and other decorative elements.

Pond Pool Models

Pond Pool Models Offered by Çilek Havuz

Çilek Havuz offers very rich options in terms of pond and pool models.

Ponds Pools offer an aesthetic and useful pool pleasure by preserving natural environments.

The ponds built in Çilek Pool gain a natural appearance by being covered with special stones.

Pond Pools are fed from natural resources and ensure the sustainability of natural water resources.

Lined Pond Pools

Why Choose Lined Pond Pools?

Lined pond pools are created by covering the surfaces of pond pools with lining materials, creating a waterproof structure. They are used to ensure water tightness and prevent water loss.

Pond pools have a curved structure, so when lining the surrounding area of water, a product suitable for the structure of water should be used. Liners are commonly used materials in pool construction.

Liners are typically polymer-based materials that are resistant to water. They are applied to the walls and base of the pond pool to provide water tightness. Liners come in various colors and textures, allowing for choices that complement the aesthetics of the pond or pool.

Fiberglass pond pools

Fiberglass Pond Pool Model

Fiberglass pond pools are made of strong materials with a durable formula that makes them resistant to water and moisture. As a result, they have the ability to withstand water effectively. Fiberglass pond pools offer many advantages similar to plastic pond pools. They consist of easily mountable and usable products that come in flexible and custom designs. However, fiberglass ponds require periodic maintenance.

Fiberglass pond pools are generally produced in standard sizes. Options in terms of shapes and features are limited. However, the advantages they offer, along with different color and pattern options, make them an alternative choice for pond and pool options.

Concrete Pond Pools

What is Concrete Pond Pools?

Concrete pond pools are one of the types of pond used in standalone houses, residential complexes, hotels, entertainment centers, and holiday resorts.

Concrete pond pools are durable and long-lasting pools that we construct using reinforced concrete technology. They are commonly used for swimming purposes and are suitable for large-sized pools. Reinforced concrete technology involves reinforcing concrete with steel reinforcement, providing an ideal structure for ponds and pools with its waterproof properties.

Concrete pond pools are constructed according to pre-determined measurements and can be completed within a few weeks. They can be covered with various finishing options to enhance their aesthetic appearance. Materials such as ceramic tiles, natural stone, or glass mosaic are used to give ponds and pools an aesthetic appeal.

The construction process of concrete pond pools is relatively short and cost-effective.

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