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Pool and Spa Consultancy

About Pool and Spa Consultancy


You Ask, We Answer

With more than 30 years of experience, we answer all the questions you may have about Pool and Spa. Experts in the field are ready to assist you at Çilek Havuz.

how we do that?

We are ready to provide you with consultancy services with the information we have gathered from our industry experience and our experts in the field.

Our biggest goal is not to leave the slightest question mark in your mind. Consult us, leave no questions left in your mind

We always follow the innovation. In line with our vision, we aim far beyond, exploring new paths and new adventures!

Pool and Spa Consultancy


Our Consulting Services

What are the subjects we provide consultancy as Çilek Havuz?

Outdoor swimming pools

Outdoor Pool Consulting

It is a process that includes professional advisory services related to outdoor swimming pools. These services cover expertise in areas such as planning, design, construction, maintenance and management of outdoor pool projects.

Indoor pool

Indoor Pool Consulting


It is a process involving consultancy services that require expertise regarding pools in indoor environments. These services include planning, design, construction, maintenance and management of indoor pool projects.

Jacuzzi Pool

Jacuzzi Pool Consultancy


Jacuzzi Consulting

Jacuzzi consulting is a service that provides clients with expertise in choosing the right jacuzzi, planning, designing, installing and maintaining it. Consultants assess client needs, analyze available space, provide information on jacuzzi models and features, offer suitable design options and manage the installation process. It also provides advice on regular maintenance, cleaning and chemical balancing of the Jacuzzi. Jacuzzi Consulting provides technical knowledge and professional guidance to provide a relaxing and enjoyable Jacuzzi experience tailored to clients' specific needs and preferences.

Thermal Pool

Thermal Pool Consultancy

It is a service that requires expertise in the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of pools that use thermal water resources and have health treatment, relaxation and rehabilitative features. In this consultancy process, the needs and expectations of the customers are evaluated, thermal water resources are analyzed, the most suitable location and size of the pool is determined, the correct temperature and chemical balance of the thermal water is ensured, and hygienic operating conditions are created by considering hygienic standards. In addition, customers are provided with guidance on the use, safety precautions and regular maintenance of thermal pools. Thermal pool consultancy is supported with technical knowledge, expertise and experience to provide customers with a healthy and relaxing thermal pool experience.

Thalassotherapy Pool

Thalassotherapy Pool Consultancy

Thalassotherapy pool consultancy is a service that provides expertise in the planning, design, construction, and operation of suitable pools for thalassotherapy treatments. This consultancy aims to ensure the effective and efficient use of pools that combine natural seawater with special treatment methods.

Conditioning Pool

Conditioning Pool Consultancy

Conditioning Pool consultancy provides a service that specializes in the planning, design, construction, and management of pools used for sports and fitness purposes. During this consulting process, the clients' sports needs and goals are assessed, the size, depth, and features of the pool are determined, suitable equipment and systems are selected, and appropriate training areas are created for effective pool usage. Additionally, guidance is provided on ensuring compliance with safety standards, maintaining hygienic conditions, and establishing regular maintenance programs for the pool. Conditioning Pool consultancy aims to provide clients with an effective pool experience that enhances sports performance and promotes healthy exercise.

Shock Shower Bucket

Shock Shower Bucket Consultancy

Shock Shower Bucket Consultancy is a service that provides expertise in the planning, design, selection, and installation of shock showers. Shock showers control factors such as temperature, water pressure, and jet effects to create invigorating and relaxing effects on the body. During this consultancy process, the client's needs are assessed, suitable shock shower bucket models and features are determined, installation location and technical requirements are considered. Additionally, factors such as compliance with health and safety standards, water and energy efficiency are taken into account.

Adventure Shower

Adventure Shower Consulting

It is a service that provides expertise in the planning, design, selection and installation of adventurous and exciting shower experiences. Adventure showers are interactive shower systems enriched with features such as water jets, massage nozzles, colored lighting, sound effects and water temperature. In this consultancy process, the customer's needs and expectations are evaluated, suitable adventure shower models and features are determined, installation location and technical requirements are taken into consideration.

Activity Pool

Activity Pool Consultancy

Activity pool consultancy is a service that provides expertise in the planning, design, construction, and management of a pool that is capable of hosting various activities and entertainment-focused experiences. During this consultancy process, the client's activity needs and objectives are evaluated, determining the size, shape, and features of the pool, as well as selecting suitable activity areas and equipment. Elements such as water slides, swimming courses, and water sports areas can be integrated into the pool design. Additionally, safety measures, hygienic conditions, and regular maintenance programs are taken into consideration.

Vichy Shower

Vichy Shower Consultancy

Vichy Shower is a special shower system used in spas and wellness centers. It features a massage bed where the person lies down, and multiple showerheads positioned above. These showerheads deliver water in a cascading manner onto the body, creating a massaging effect. Vichy Shower is designed to allow adjustment of water temperature and pressure, providing effects such as relaxation, improved circulation, and stress reduction. Vichy Shower Consultancy offers expertise in the selection, design, installation, and operation of suitable Vichy Shower models for clients.

Kneipp Pool

Kneipp Pool Consultancy

Kneipp therapy is a water therapy system associated with the Kneipp treatment method. Kneipp therapy aims to support health and well-being by utilizing the effects of water with different temperatures and pressures on the body. A Kneipp pool is a special pool where feet and legs can be immersed. By using alternating hot and cold water, a massage effect is created that affects the blood circulation in the body. This helps increase blood flow, aid in toxin elimination, and reduce stress. Kneipp pool consultancy provides expertise in the selection, design, installation, and maintenance of suitable Kneipp pool models for clients. This consultancy service ensures that clients benefit from Kneipp therapy to the fullest and promotes effective utilization of Kneipp pools to support a healthy lifestyle.

Floating Floatation Pool

Floating Floatation Pool Consultancy

Floating floatation pools are special water environments designed to allow the body to freely float in water and create a weightless sensation. These pools are filled with a highly concentrated saltwater solution, which enables the body to easily float and be supported by the water. Floating pools are used for purposes such as relaxation, stress reduction, relieving muscle tension, and enhancing overall well-being. Floating floatation pool consultancy provides expertise in the selection, design, installation, and management of suitable floating pool models for clients. This consultancy service ensures that customers make the most of their floating experiences and supports the effective use of this unique water therapy for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Shock Pool

Shock Pool Consulting

The shock pool is a special water treatment system that aims to create refreshing and stimulating effects using cold water on the body. In a shock pool, the water temperature is kept low and ice or cold springs are usually used. This treatment speeds up blood circulation in the body, stimulates the immune system, and raises energy levels. Our consultancy provides clients with expertise in the selection, design, installation and management of appropriate shock assembly models. This counseling service allows clients to get the most out of shock therapy and promotes health and well-being through enhanced energizing effects.

Design and Consultancy

Design and Consultancy at Çilek Havuz

At Çilek Havuz, we inspire the entire industry in terms of Design and Consultancy. Through the experiences gained from our projects, industry visits, and our team's enthusiasm for learning and self-improvement, we never tread a single path and always strive to gain different perspectives.

Thanks to our knowledge and achievements, we always provide our customers with accurate and high-quality designs while addressing your problems and answering your questions in the most appropriate way.

We offer you the inspiration we receive from you and, at the end of the day, construct perfect pools.

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing our story and following our trail!

As Çilek Havuz , our greatest motivation to receive positive feedback from the institutions we serve.

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