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Pool Maintenance

About Pool Maintenance


We have thought of every little detail...

In Çilek Havuz, the follow-up is also carried out in the best way after the completion of the pool construction We provide maintenance service includes all the details.

how we do that?

As Çilek Havuz, the importance of human health is at the top of our list .

In line with this view, we know that the maintenance and cleaning of each swimming pool, which distinguishes us, is as important as its construction.

We always follow the innovation. In line with our vision, we aim far beyond, exploring new paths and new adventures!

Pool Maintenance


How We Get Started

How to Start Pool Cleaning?

Pool maintenance is something that should be done on a regular basis.
Certain precautions should be taken to protect the safety and health of pool owners.
Pool maintenance procedures may vary according to the usage characteristics of the pool.

By learning the right maintenance methods, users can use their pools in a healthy and safe way for many years.

Pool maintenance should be started by gently cleaning the side walls and floor with water. Thus, it is free from oil, dirt and lime. After this process is over, we need to apply algae inhibitor and wait for 1 hour. Then we can start filling our pool with water.


How to Maintain a Pool?

How to Properly Maintain a Pool?

Water Balance: The pool water parameters such as pH level, alkalinity, and chlorine levels should be regularly tested and adjusted. The pH level should be between 7.2-7.6, alkalinity between 80-120 ppm (parts per million), and free chlorine level between 1-3 ppm. This ensures balanced and hygienic water.

Filter System Cleaning: The pool's filtration system should be regularly cleaned. Filter tanks should be backwashed or subjected to the appropriate rinse cycle to clean the filter. Additionally, filter cartridges or filter sand should be periodically inspected and replaced as needed.

Pool Water Cleaning: The pool's surface and bottom should be regularly cleaned from debris and dirt. A skimmer or pool vacuum can be used for this purpose. Additionally, if there are any issues like algae or scale stains on the pool's edges, they should be addressed and cleaned.

Pool Chemicals: Proper use of pool chemicals is important for water cleanliness. These include chlorine tablets, shock treatment chemicals, pH increasers, or pH reducers. The usage and dosages of chemicals should be determined according to the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations.

Maintenance of Pool Accessories: Pool accessories should also be regularly cleaned and maintained. For example, the filter pump, automatic cleaning systems, pool lights, water jets, etc. should be inspected for their operational status and cleanliness.

Pool Water Replacement: After a certain period, the pool water may need to be partially or completely replaced. This can be done to restore water balance, in cases of severe contamination, or specific situations (e.g., high mineral accumulation in the pool water).

Havuz Mechanical Maintenance

How is Pool Mechanical Maintenance Done?

Pool mechanical maintenance includes the regular inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of the pool's mechanical systems. This includes Filter System Maintenance, Pump Maintenance, Pool Heating System Maintenance, Water Pumps and Valves, Automatic Cleaning Systems, Lighting System, Emergency Equipment, and necessary equipment for emergencies in the pool, such as emergency alarms, rescue buoy, etc.

The working condition and accessibility of these equipment should be regularly evaluated and checked. Regular maintenance should be performed to ensure their proper functioning.

Winter Maintenance

What is Winter Maintenance?

Pools require special care when it's not use in winter.
The water level of the pool should lowered and the water system is have to prepare to be protected against freezing.

What Should the Ph Value Be?

what should the ph value be?

The water quality of the pool should be checked regularly. Parameters such as pH level, chlorine content and water hardness are important for controlling water quality. By using pool chemicals, the pH level of the water, the chlorine ratio and other parameters can be controlled.

The PH value of swimming pools should be adjusted between 7.2 - 7.6.

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As Çilek Havuz , our greatest motivation to receive positive feedback from the institutions we serve.

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