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Prefabricated Pool Construction

About Prefabricated Pool Consultancy


Unique designs for the colorful world of pools

As Çilek Havuz, we do not compromise on quality in Prefabricated Pools.

how we do that?

We cross the boundaries in prefabricated pool design by understanding the dreams of our customers in a correct and qualified way, gathering inspiration from the designs we have done before, and adding a new one to our experience at the end of each work.

We always work by wanting better. As Çilek Havuz family, we produce unique designs far beyond the standards in prefabricated pool construction.

We always follow the innovation. In line with our vision, we aim far beyond, exploring new paths and new adventures!

Steps of Build Prefabricated Pool


Prefabricated Pool Design

Prefabricated Pool Design Process


In the prefabricated pool design process, we work meticulously and with great attention, just like our other services, and we progress through the process with the quality of Çilek Havuz.

Identification of Needs

Our first step is to identify the needs and expectations of our customers.

Factors such as the purpose of the pool, its dimensions, shape, depth, additional features, and design preferences are discussed in detail with our customers.

We carefully listen to our customers' needs and preferences, and as a result, our qualified construction process begins.

Site Selection

Site Selection is Very Important

Our experts visit the area where the pool will be installed, and the location is determined and finalized based on the guidance of our customers.

Soil analysis and ground surveys are conducted. Then, our teams take measurements that are suitable for the dimensions and shape of the pool.


Design Process


Design: Based on the customer's needs and the characteristics of the area, a professional design team prepares a detailed draft of the pool. The design includes elements such as the overall shape, structure, material selection, equipment, and additional features of the pool, and is presented in the best possible way by our designers who are constantly improving themselves and drawing inspiration from every project they undertake.

Prefabricated Pool Construction

What are the stages of landscaping the surrounding area and using the pool in a prefabricated pool?


Our prefabricated pools are pre-manufactured and then delivered to our customers.

The installation process is quick and easy. The landscaping process around the pool does not take much time.

Landscaping of Prefabricated Pools

Steps for Landscaping Prefabricated Pools

The soil in the area where the pool is located is leveled and cleaned.

The soil is excavated in the area to create a suitable foundation for the pool.

An appropriate landscaping plan is prepared for the pool surroundings.

The plants and decorative elements to be used in the surroundings are determined.

A suitable safety fence or gate is installed around the pool.

A proper drainage system is created around the pool.

A suitable lighting system is installed around the pool.

Stages of Using Prefabricated Pools

What are the stages of using prefabricated pools?

Pool Cleaning:
To make the pool ready for use, the water inside it needs to be cleaned.
This involves filtering the water in the pool, directing it to the filters, and then cleaning it.

Pool Filling:
After the cleaning process is completed, the pool needs to be filled with water.
Water is added to the pool through the filling line.

Adding Pool Chemicals:
The pool water is cleaned and disinfected by adding chemical substances.
The pH balance is checked and adjustments are made if necessary.

Pool Maintenance:
Regular pool maintenance is necessary.
This includes checking the water level, cleaning the filters, adding chemicals, and cleaning the pool.

Pool Usage:
Once the pool is ready for use, it is ready for enjoyment.
Safety precautions should be observed during pool usage.

Excavation Works

How is the excavation for a prefabricated pool done?

Since prefabricated pools are pre-manufactured, the assembly process is quite fast and easy, and the excavation work around the pool is minimal. However, there may be a need for excavation work to prepare the area where the pool will be placed.

In the case of Çilek Havuz pools, the steps are as follows:

An appropriate area is selected and marked according to the dimensions of the pool. Plants and other obstacles around the pool's placement area are removed. An excavation is made to create a hole of suitable dimensions for the pool. The hole should be leveled with the pool's floor. Once the excavation is completed, the area where the pool will be placed is leveled and compacted. A suitable base material such as sand or gravel is laid underneath the pool to create a stable foundation. The prepared ground is leveled and compacted. A proper drainage system is installed beneath the pool. After the ground is tightly compacted, the site is ready for the pool

Filling and Water Filling Stage

What is the filling and water filling stage?

The filling and water filling stage is one of the final stages in the construction of prefabricated pools.


What is the filling?

It varies depending on the area where the pool will be placed.

If the ground of the area is flat, no filling is needed under the pool.

However, if the ground of the area is sloped, filling is done under the pool to level the ground.

Filling is typically done using the soil around the pool.

The soil should be carefully filled and compacted under the pool.

After the filling process is completed, it is necessary to wait for a few days for the pool to settle on the filling.

This period helps the pool to stabilize completely.

Water Filling

After the filling process is completed, the water filling process begins.
The water level inside the pool can vary depending on the structure and size of the pool.
Generally, the water level inside the pool is filled up to the upper edge of the pool.

Once the water filling process is completed, the pool water is prepared with chemical substances.
The pH balance of the pool is checked and adjusted to an appropriate level.
Additionally, disinfectant agents are added to the pool water to keep it clean.

Pool Floor Covering Stage

What are the stages of pool interior flooring?

In Çilek Havuz, the interior of prefabricated pools is typically covered with PVC membrane or liner materials.

The purpose of pool interior flooring is to provide a smooth and waterproof surface.
The pool interior flooring process takes place after the construction of the pool is completed.
The PVC membrane or liner material is cut to fit the dimensions of the pool and placed on the interior surface of the pool.

The materials are properly fitted and cut to match the shape of the pool, ensuring a snug fit on the entire pool surface.

They are stretched and secured to create a smooth appearance on the interior surface.
This process ensures a tight fit of the material on the pool's interior surface.

The materials are folded towards the pool edges and secured with a special tape.

After the completion of the pool interior flooring process, the seams of the material are joined together using adhesive and a special welding machine.
This process prevents water leakage on the pool's interior surface.

Prefabricated Pool Models


In Çilek Havuz's portfolio, the two most popular and widely used models in the industry are available and implemented correctly in English.

Steel Pools

Steel Pool Model

Steel pools are durable and long-lasting pools.

They are composed of galvanized steel panels that form the pool's structure.

They are quick and easy to install. The steel panels are assembled together using a joining system to take the shape of the pool.

They generally offer customizable design options and can be produced in different sizes, shapes, and depths.

Due to their sturdy construction, they are resistant to environmental factors. They are resistant to issues like decay, cracking, or deformation.

FiberGlass Pools

FiberGlass pools are precast pools that are manufactured as a single piece and installed during the construction process.

They are made of a durable composite material called fiberglass. This provides the pool with a strong structure and resistance against cracks, stains, and color fading.

Fiberglass pools have a smooth surface and are easy to maintain. They do not require a waterproof coating.

They have a quick installation process. Since they are manufactured in a factory, they are delivered as a single piece and placed when the pool's foundation is ready.

They generally come in standard sizes and shapes. Choices can be made from a range of predetermined models.

Fiberglass pools have an aesthetic appearance and their glossy surfaces are visually appealing.

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As Çilek Havuz , our greatest motivation to receive positive feedback from the institutions we serve.

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