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Sauna construction

About Sauna Construction


A Unique Journey to the Essence of Wood

We do our best to make you feel nature and get maximum comfort in our wood inspired sauna.

how we do that?

As Çilek Havuz, the positive reviews we receive about our sauna construction motivate us for the following projects.

It allows us to do unique work in every project and we go to much greater heights in saunas by offering completely different designs in all projects.

We always follow the innovation. In line with our vision, we aim far beyond, exploring new paths and new adventures!

Sauna construction


Sauna Design and Planning

How Does the Sauna Design and Planning Process Begin?


The Sauna Design and Planning Process at Çilek Havuz Begins with the Following Steps:

Choosing the Suitable Place

Choosing the Suitable Place

We are determining the most suitable space for your sauna.

The dimensions, shape, and existing utility connections of the area where the sauna will be installed are of great importance.

Another important consideration during this process is to take into account the insulation and ventilation requirements.

Design and Planning

Design and Planning

Our expert designers create the design and plan for your sauna.

During this stage, details such as sauna dimensions, floor plan, seating arrangement, lighting, door and window placements are determined by Çilek Havuz.

Materials and Equipment

Materials and Equipment

The materials and equipment used in sauna construction are carefully selected.

The quality and suitability of key elements such as the heater, wooden panels, insulation materials, stones, and other accessories are ensured.

Construction and Assembly Process

Construction and Assembly Process

Çilek havuz team carries out the construction of the sauna.

At this stage, our team carefully monitors the entire process and ensures that the correct practices are followed, thus ensuring the safety and quality of the project in accordance with Çilek havuz standards.

Sauna Models

All the Sauna Models you need are available with the guarantee of Çilek Havuz and ready to serve you!

Standard Sauna

Standard Sauna

The standard sauna model consists of a wooden structure and is a small room heated using a furnace equipped with stones.

The standard sauna room is covered with heat-resistant wooden panels and features a wooden bench.

The temperature in the sauna room typically ranges from 70°C to 100°C and is characterized by relatively low humidity levels.

Standard saunas can be used as personal saunas in homes and are also suitable for commercial establishments such as fitness centers, spas, and public baths.

İnferead Sauna

İnferead Sauna

İnferead Sauna is a type of sauna that operates at lower temperatures compared to traditional sauna methods and is heated using specially designed infrared rays that are targeted towards the human body. These rays penetrate beneath the surface of the skin and heat the deeper tissues of the body.

Due to its lower operating temperature, it provides a less intense heat experience compared to traditional saunas. The heating temperatures range from 45°C to 65°C. However, thanks to the infrared rays heating the tissues beneath the skin, users can experience sweating at lower temperatures while achieving a deeper heat effect.

Bio Sauna

Bio Sauna

The Bio sauna operates similar to a traditional sauna but uses a different heating method. It is characterized by low humidity levels and lower temperature levels.

Typically, it is heated using natural stones, ceramic plates, or metal plates. These heating methods are combined with the addition of humidity to the sauna room through a steam generator. This allows for low humidity levels and lower temperature levels to be achieved.

The Bio sauna generally operates at temperatures ranging from 50°C to 70°C.

Ready-made Cabin Saunas

Ready-made Cabin Saunas

Ready-made cabin saunas are a convenient and pre-assembled option for sauna enthusiasts. These saunas come in a package that includes the sauna room, sauna heater, wooden benches, doors, and other necessary components.

Similar to traditional sauna methods, the sauna room is constructed with wooden panels and heated using a sauna heater equipped with stones. The heating unit is typically electric or gas-powered.

To create a steamy environment and increase humidity levels, water is poured onto the heater. Ready-made cabin saunas provide an easy and hassle-free way to enjoy the benefits of sauna therapy.

Sauna Panels

What are the Sauna Panels?

Sauna panels are wooden materials used for covering the walls and ceiling inside the sauna. Sauna panels offer several benefits such as heat insulation, protection, aesthetics, and easy cleaning.

Abachi Ayous

What is Abachi Ayous?

Abachi or Ayous is a type of wood commonly used in saunas. It is a lightweight, durable, and highly moisture-resistant wood species.

The wood fibers of Abachi or Ayous provide a pleasant sensation when in direct contact with the skin and react quickly to changes in temperature. Therefore, Abachi or Ayous is often used as wooden cladding in saunas.

Abachi or Ayous wood cladding is designed to withstand high temperatures and is mounted on the walls and ceiling in sauna rooms. It does not soften or crack with increasing temperature. Additionally, due to its high moisture resistance, it is durable even in humid environments.

Mediterranean Pine

What is Mediterranean Pine?

Mediterranean Pine is another type of wood commonly used in saunas.

It is native to the Mediterranean region and is used as cladding in saunas.

It is designed to withstand high temperatures.

It has a denser structure compared to other wood types, which allows it to retain heat more effectively.

Therefore, it helps generate more heat in the sauna room.

Mediterranean Pine cladding has a porous structure and can absorb moisture.

This feature allows it to maintain moisture balance in the sauna and be durable. Additionally,

it provides a decorative appearance in saunas with its natural color and texture.

Finnish Larch

What is the Finnish Larch?

Fin Ladini, also known as Finnish Larch, is derived from the Larch tree that grows in the forests of Northern Europe at high altitudes.

It is used as wood cladding in saunas.
This wood species has high resistance to moisture, low density, and a lightweight structure.
Due to its natural composition, it has a distinctive aroma.

Fin Ladini is durable and resistant to high temperatures and humid conditions in sauna rooms.
Thanks to this feature, it withstands prolonged use in sauna rooms and requires minimal maintenance.

Siberian Pine

What is Siberian Pine?

Sibirian Pine Cladding is made from the wood of the Siberian Pine tree.

It is commonly preferred in sauna rooms due to its high resistance to moisture, low density, and lightweight structure. It is a type of cladding that we frequently use.

It withstands high temperatures and humid conditions in sauna rooms. It lasts for a long time in the sauna room and requires minimal maintenance. Additionally, the cladding structure helps retain heat better, thus aiding in the generation of more heat in the sauna room.

Mats & Seats

What Are the Functions of Seats and Mats?

We use seats and mats in saunas to provide a comfortable sitting and leaning surface during sauna enjoyment.

Wooden seats are usually mounted on the walls, and mats are placed on top of the seats.

Ideal Sauna Dimensions

What is the Most Popular Size for Sauna Construction?

The commonly used dimensions range from 4.5 m² to 6 m². These dimensions are the optimal choice for a sauna room.

Sauna Stove

What is a Sauna Stove?

A sauna stove is a heating device commonly used in saunas to heat the room to high temperatures.

It is typically made of metal. Stone stoves are more commonly used in saunas.

When the stones inside the sauna stove heat up, they are sprinkled with water to generate steam and increase the humidity level in the sauna room.

Sauna stoves can come in different sizes and shapes.

Different sauna stoves with varying heating capacities can be chosen based on the size and design of the sauna room.

Additionally, sauna stoves can operate using different energy sources such as electricity or wood fuel.

Remote-Controlled Sauna Stoves

What is the Remote-Controlled Sauna Stoves?

A remote-controlled sauna stove is specially designed to facilitate the heating process in sauna rooms.

It operates using electricity and helps in quickly heating up the sauna room. It is often mounted on the wall or in a corner of the sauna room and selected according to the dimensions of the room.

Remote-controlled sauna stoves offer several advantages over other types of stoves used in saunas. Users can have full control over their sauna rooms. The control panel on the stove allows users to easily adjust the temperature and humidity levels of the sauna room.

External Panel Sauna Heaters

What is the External Panel Sauna Heaters?

External panel sauna heater has an accessible control panel from the outside.

It operates using electric power and quickly heats the sauna room.
These types of sauna heaters can come in different sizes and power capacities to suit the dimensions and design of the sauna room.

External panel sauna heaters offer several advantages compared to other heaters used in saunas.
Users can have full control over the sauna room.
The external control panel on the sauna heater allows users to easily adjust the temperature, humidity level, and operating time.

These heaters are user-friendly, safe, and durable. They are typically made from stainless steel or other high-quality materials, providing years of reliable use.

Sauna Heater Powers

What are Sauna Stove Power Ratings?

Sauna stove power refers to the heating capacity of the sauna stove and can vary depending on the size and usage of the sauna room.
Generally, it can range from 3 kW to 18 kW.

The power of the sauna stove is determined based on the size and design of the sauna room.
Larger sauna rooms require higher-powered sauna stoves, while smaller sauna rooms can utilize lower-powered stoves.
The power of the sauna stove plays a crucial role in quickly heating the sauna room and enhancing the sauna experience.

Selecting an appropriate sauna stove power that matches the design and intended use of the sauna room is essential to ensure optimal heating performance.

Sauna accessories

What are Sauna Accessories?


At Çilek Havuz, there are many different sauna accessories available to enhance the sauna experience.

You can find a range of wooden sauna accessories and more that include all the necessary equipment for the sauna.


What is Hourglass?

Sand timer, also known as an hourglass, is a timekeeping device commonly used in saunas. It is designed for individuals who wish to sweat for a specific duration during sauna sessions. 

The sand timer typically measures different time intervals, such as 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour. It is filled with sand and enclosed within a tube made of glass or plastic.

The sand timer assists users in sweating for a predetermined period in the sauna room, ensuring a healthy sweating experience.

Thermometers and Hygrometers

What is the Thermometers and Hygrometers?

A thermometer is used to measure the temperature of the sauna room, while a hygrometer is used to measure the humidity level in the sauna room.

They are typically provided with a glass or digital display. Measuring the temperature in the sauna helps the user to properly heat the sauna room and enhance the sauna experience. Thermometers can come in different designs and sizes in saunas.

The hygrometer is often used in conjunction with the thermometer. The humidity level in the sauna room is crucial for enhancing the sauna experience. The humidity level helps the user to sweat and eliminate toxins from the body.

These two accessories assist in controlling the microcosm of the sauna room during sauna usage and contribute to creating a safe and comfortable sauna environment.

Bucket and Shovel

What Does a Bucket and a Shovel Do?

The sauna bucket and ladle are tools used for pouring water and facilitating evaporation during sauna sessions. The sauna bucket helps increase steam by pouring water onto the rocks present in the sauna.

The sauna ladle, on the other hand, allows for easier and controlled pouring of water for the evaporation process. The sauna bucket and ladle contribute to creating a safe and enjoyable environment in the sauna.

Sauna Fragrances

What are sauna fragrances?

Sauna fragrances are special blends used to fill the air in the sauna room with pleasant aromas. These fragrances are made from natural oils, plant extracts, and other natural ingredients.

Some common sauna fragrances used in Strawberry Pool are:

Mint fragrance provides a refreshing effect and is mentally invigorating.

Lavender fragrance offers a calming effect and helps reduce stress.

Eucalyptus fragrance is beneficial for respiratory issues and has a revitalizing effect.

Pine fragrance has a relaxing effect and helps reduce stress.

Orange fragrance has an uplifting effect and reduces stress.

Strawberry fragrance has a sweet and pleasant scent and provides a refreshing effect.

Sauna fragrances can be safely used as they do not affect the humidity level in the sauna room.

Natural Air Circulation

How to Create Natural Air Circulation in the Sauna?

Natural Air Circulation in the Sauna:

Achieving natural air circulation in the sauna involves allowing the air in the sauna room to circulate and refresh through wind or convection movements.

To create natural air circulation in the sauna, here are some steps followed at Strawberry Pool:

Open Windows: Sufficient windows should be present in the sauna room to enable air intake and exhaust.

Top Lighting: A lighting system should be installed at the top of the sauna room to facilitate fresh air intake.

Excessive Heating and Cooling: When the sauna room becomes excessively heated, hot air rises and is expelled. During cooling, outside air is drawn in from the bottom, replacing the steam.

Ventilation: Blowers or fans can be installed inside the sauna room to facilitate air movement and control humidity levels.

These steps are key to creating natural air circulation in the sauna and providing a safe and comfortable environment.

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