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Thermal Pool Construction

About Thermal Pool Construction


Unique designs surround the world of your imagination

As Çilek Havuz family, with our more than 30 years of experience, our development efforts include not only our brand but also the sector in Turkey that has raised the standards of swimming pools in the world and represented our country in the best way

how we do that?

We are the favorite brand in the sector of building high quality thermal pools that have the characteristics of healthy living.

Because of the modern technologies that we use in construction, we have been able to achieve success even in projects that are often very complex.

We always follow the innovation. In line with our vision, we aim far beyond, exploring new paths and new adventures!

The steps of thermal Pool Construction


Thermal Pool Design

How Does the Thermal Pool Design Process Begin?

At Çilk Heavuz, the pool design and construction process is tailored to the needs and preferences of our clients.

Determining Needs

Process of Determining Needs

The first step in determining needs is to understand our customers' expectations and requirements from the thermal pool. The purpose of using the thermal pool, the targeted number of users, temperature requirements, desired features (massage nozzles, water jets, water slides, etc.), safety measures, and other requirements are discussed in detail with the customer.

Site Selection

Site Selection Process

Site selection for the construction of a thermal pool is an important task. Soil analysis, soil studies, and groundwater assessments are conducted. Then, crucial measurements such as the dimensions and shape of the pool are taken.

The Design

Design Process

In the design process, a detailed plan of the thermal pool is created based on the customers' needs and the characteristics of the space. The overall structure of the pool, material selection, water circulation system, heating system, filtration system, interior and exterior finishes of the pool, lighting, and other features are taken into consideration. Factors such as safety, hygiene, and energy efficiency are also considered in the pool's design.


Construction process

The construction and assembly of the pool are carried out. Our construction team establishes the pool's infrastructure, installs the water circulation system, integrates the heating system, and places other components. The interior and exterior finishes of the pool are completed, water is filled, and necessary tests are conducted.

Creating the Pool Structure

How to Creating the Pool Structure?

Build the pool floor from high pressure concrete. Next, create a firm floor of suitable thickness for the load-bearing area of ​​the pool structure. Then build the walls of the pool using concrete to provide the necessary pressure. The durability of the pool floor and walls is very important. In order for the water temperature to be high in thermal pools, there must be materials that are resistant to it. When the pool structure is constructed with good durability, then other steps are taken to make the thermal pool suitable for use.

Excavation Phase

Excavation Phase Process

Thermal pools come in two different forms, external and internal, and where the thermal pool is to be constructed, the soil must be excavated. Our team will tell you what is necessary regarding this step. Apart from that, we control the pool construction from start to finish and shift to pre-planning for operations like plumbing and electrical installations. The excavation phase of the thermal pool is one of the most important steps in the construction process. Excavations that are not done properly can lead to problems in terms of durability and healthy use of the pool. For this reason, drilling operations are carried out carefully and meticulously by our teams of experts


Planning Process

First, the selection of the area where the pool will be built is made.

It should be a place where natural resources are found and water quality is high.

The size and shape of the pool is then determined.

The dimensions and shapes of the pool are determined according to the purpose of use of the pool and the size of the area.

The material selection of the pool is also included in the planning process.

It is important for the aesthetics and durability of the pool.

Thermal pools are usually built using concrete, fiberglass or natural stone materials.

These materials are determined according to the characteristics of the pool. For example, fiberglass material is an ideal option for portable thermal pools, as it has a lightweight structure.



Plumbing for each pool is necessary for the supply of pool water and ease of pool water maintenance.

We offer a special design that will provide the most circulation and perform the filtering process for your pool. All equipment and piping are correctly sized to save energy.

Electrical Installation

Electrical Installation

At this step, we install the electrical wiring for the pool lights and pool equipment. Considering the area where the pool equipment will be located, extreme care should be taken in the electrical installation that needs to be installed.

Gas lines to the pool heater or pool heaters must be routed correctly to the equipment location.

All of these operations will be done by our experienced technicians.

Electrical installation is an important task that cannot be neglected. The right planning is essential in order to prevent a problem such as heating in your thermal pool.


Final Touches

At this point, the project is almost complete. All construction materials and wastes that are foreign to the pool are eliminated. After these processes are completed, we begin to adjust the interior of the pool. The materials to be preferred in the interior of a thermal pool will require high temperature resistance. This is the most important circumstance that should be taken into account when choosing. The interior of the pool can be a standard interior lining or a patterned interior lining. This is an action that is done according to what is in the plan. Different surfaces can be preferred to create different effects in the area where the thermal pool is built. After the coating of the pool is completed, the pool is filled with water. After completing the final stage of construction, the pool will now be ready for use. Whichever of the thermal pool models you prefer, which changes as an outdoor or indoor area, you can now start using it with peace of mind.

Thermal Pool Models

Thermal Pool Models


Thermal pools are aesthetic and functional pools where hot water obtained from natural sources is used.

They come in different sizes and shapes and are usually determined by their intended use.

Here are some of the thermal pool models offered by Çilek Pool:

Natural Stone Covered Pools

Natural Stone Covered Pools

Natural Stone Coating pools are built using natural stones and are preferred by those who want to have a natural vibe.

Concrete Pools

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are a long-lasting and reliable option as they have a durable structure.

They are usually offered in different sizes and shapes and are determined by their intended use.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are a portable option as they have a lightweight construction.

Fiberglass materials have sufficient properties to provide watertightness in pools.

Metal Pools

Metal Havuzlar

Metal pools are a long-lasting and reliable option as they have a durable structure. 

They are usually offered in different sizes and shapes and are determined by their intended use.

Plastic Pools

Plastic Pools

Plastic pools are popular due to their affordable cost and are portable.

Plastic materials have sufficient properties to provide watertightness in pools

Semi-Inground Pools

Semi-Inground Pool Model

Semi-inground pools are pools where a portion of the ground level is contained within the pool, providing an aesthetic appearance.

Indoor Pools

Indoor Pools

Indoor pools are pools that can be used at any time of the year. Such pools are especially preferred in cold and rainy climates.

Benefits of Using a Thermal Pool

What are the Benefits of Using a Thermal Pool?

Health and Relaxation: Thermal pools reduce stress and provide relaxation due to the soothing effects of hot water. Hot water relaxes the muscles, improves blood circulation, and provides relief in stiff or painful areas. Additionally, hydrotherapy features used in thermal pools such as massage nozzles, water jets, etc., help reduce muscle tension and promote relaxation.

Therapy and Rehabilitation: Thermal pools can assist in the treatment of certain physical conditions. They can be used for therapy purposes in conditions such as musculoskeletal disorders, rheumatic conditions, joint stiffness, back and neck pain, fibromyalgia, etc. Hot water and hydrotherapy can increase range of motion, alleviate pain, and accelerate the healing process.

Blood Pressure and Circulation: In thermal pools, the effects of hot water cause blood vessels to dilate, leading to increased blood circulation. This helps regulate blood pressure, improve tissue oxygenation, and support the body's detoxification process.

Stress Reduction and Mental Relaxation: The relaxing effects of hot water and hydrotherapy make thermal pools an ideal environment for reducing stress and achieving mental relaxation. While hot water calms the body, the sound and movement of water relax the mind and reduce stress. Thermal pools provide a setting where meditation and mind-body relaxation exercises can be performed.

Skin Health: The hot water in thermal pools cleanses the skin and opens up the pores. This supports the detoxification process of the skin and helps it achieve a healthy glow.

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